Hawthorn on the Barrow

Just the rantings and ravings of a madman, a whiteboard, and a piano.

So, here’s the full sheet music to the piece I just put up! I really would love any feedback you have, and of course, if you want to play it, go ahead!

Essentially, I’m licensing this out publicly, but not entirely. You can use this for whatever purpose you want, under the condition that it’s attributed to me, it’s non-proprietary, and it’s shared and used with those conditions also being met by any third-parties. Perhaps it’s a bit naïf of me to specify those conditions, but perhaps I just want to have faith in the internet community.

At any rate, enjoy this as much as you can, and I hope it’s useful to you in some way! And if you do play it, you should DEFINITELY let me know in whatever way you can how it went!

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